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Custom building isn't as hard as they say

With extremely detailed planning and commercial-grade management, you get a better understanding of where, how and what every dollar invested is applied to–giving you the freedom to allocate costs to the most important parts of your home. Don't settle for less than complete freedom with how your financial resources are applied when building your dream home.

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"Dedication to Customer Satisfaction"

Mike built for our home in Normandy Beach between 2019 and 2020. He had to be impressively well organized and innovative to handle the multitude of challenges stemming from the pandemic; all told our timeline was barely compromised despite the punitive limitations of social distancing, supply chain issues and the rest. He is constantly available to his clients with no query too small - he has always been willing and expedient in terms of rectifying the minimal issues that have arisen with the house years after its construction so his dedication to customer satisfaction clearly extends way beyond “completion".

With the house 3 years old now, it has settled well, is adept at withstanding the harsh coastal climatic conditions, and continues to look modern and appropriate for its environment. From his bid, to the ongoing invoicing, to how he navigates town approvals, the administrative side of MPC is as clean and well-functioning as the construction side of the business - the client is never left wondering how an overage arose, when the next payment is, whether there will be a deviation from the original agreed price, or when the next stage of the build will be taking place.

Mike has good contacts locally and in NJ broadly and seems to be very well respected amongst fellow tradespeople. He always has a plan B in the event of any bumps in the road and really is an impressively calm and composed operator. If we were to build again, we would be very confident in returning to MPC.



We act as your guide on the beautiful journey to creating your perfect home by educating you, sharing tools and resources, and asking the right questions to uncover what you want your house to look like, even if you don't know.



We combine the construction plan design with the architectural design process so that you get the maximum home for your budget.

By working with MPC start to finish, our clients have achieved beautiful results that would otherwise be impossible.



How would it feel to know exactly what was being done on your property and when? With our detailed planning process, you'll see from the beginning the exact cost of everything going into your home, and you'll know the exact timeline of when that part is getting completed. We deliver on the date set at the start of the process, for the price set at the start of the process, every time.

That's the value of our commercial construction DNA.



Our commitment is to create the perfect space for you with a perfect experience.

No stress, no uncertainty. More value and beauty than you bargained for. Total peace of mind.

Don't worry if you don't know all the details. Our process helps you define your vision even when there are grey areas.


Let's talk and manifest your dreams!



In the commercial building world, there's no time to wait around on subcontractors, and no one gets a day off when it snows. That's what we follow when building houses too, and you'll find us forging ahead when the other guys are on another job–or sitting at home.


Check out these awesome time-lapse videos of our blistering, gap-free process!


Sea Girt, NJ


Ridge Road


West Laurel



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