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Always Hire Builder Before Architect

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

Our clients were looking to build their dream house, as they were starting their family together, but that dream was starting off as a nightmare. They had already hired an architect and had a set of plans created that they were looking to have several builders submit bids on.

We submitted our competitive bid, and although we were the initial low bidder, the project was coming in a lot higher than their budget would allow and the project was put on hold. We performed several rounds of cost reduction scenarios but found that particular home design was just not going to fit within their budgetary constraints.

The architect was too expensive to hire again, to create a whole new set of plans, so we recommended an architect we've worked with in the past to design their new home. But before we released the architect to proceed with the drawing new plans, we created a complete conceptual budget on the house they wanted to build, and provided the new architect with a strict set of parameters to design within so the house remained within budget. This included total square footage, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, considerations for a cost-effective foundation design, and exterior and interior finishes.

This information being provided upfront prevented the architect from over designing the home, and ultimately delivered a beautiful design within our client's budgetary constraints.

Most people think they need to design the house first and hire an architect, but unless your budget is unlimited this is always a mistake. Our process integrates architectural design with construction process design to ensure what is designed can be built to budget and expectations from the very start.

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