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This referral client had a tight time frame to build his house in, and we were recommended on our ability to deliver quality quickly. This client not only had built several custom homes in the past, for his own family as well as developing them for sale, but he also came with a background in construction (his family owned two large scale civil companies that performed over $100 million in construction volume each year in NYC).


Not only did we provide him with a construction budget with over 50 pages of detailed cost data, but we also agreed to build his 7,000 sf home at a guaranteed maximum price contract.

Builders in our area capable of building a 7,000 sf custom home at this level of finish detail, would require between 18 and 24 months to complete the project.


We broke ground in early December, and despite losing 3 weeks to freezing temperatures and snow in the first two months, we still delivered the project one week earlier than the original 11-month construction schedule that we agreed to in our contract.

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